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Torteval is fed up at being cut off

TORTEVAL douzaine is becoming increasingly frustrated with road closures affecting bus routes in the parish.

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Route de Pleinmont is due to be closed until 27 March while Guernsey Electricity repairs a cable fault. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 31924563)

Posting on social media after the announcement that one of the parish’s main roads, Route de Pleinmont, was closed for more than a week, the douzaine wrote that the parish had again been cut off.

Constable Becky Link said it totally understood that roadworks were necessary.

‘But in the last two years we have been absolutely hammered with them. We seem to be the first bus route that gets cut off. The bus is the perfect way to get to Town, and we are encouraged to use them, but they get cancelled so easily and then we just get stuck.’

The roadworks affect bus routes 91, 92, 93, 94, S3 and X71.

It is changes to the 91’s route that has particularly annoyed the douzaine.

The bus normally goes down the hill at Route de Pleinmont to the stop outside the Imperial Hotel before heading back to Town.

Due to the roadworks, CT Plus has announced that it will now turn back to Town at L’Eree, more than a mile-and-a-half from its normal end point.

Ms Link is a regular bus user. ‘Personally I’m looking at walking back from L’Eree because the 91 will now turn around there,’ she said.

Traffic & Highways Services said that temporary traffic lights, that would have allowed the bus to use the same route, had not been able to be used on this occasion.

‘When we receive applications to undertake road works, we always try to ensure that the contractor maintains traffic flow wherever possible. However, due to Guernsey’s narrow roads or the position of the works in the highway, this is not always possible. Safe working zones for the contractor is an essential consideration of any works,’ said manager Phil Ogier.

‘In this instance, we understand the excavation at Route de Pleinmont extends to the centre of the road, meaning that it is not possible to maintain traffic flow in either direction when the safe working zone is taken into account.’

  • CT Plus was approached for comment, but had not replied before publication.