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Successful appeal for traffic mirror

A TRAFFIC mirror is to be installed at the junction of Rue des Traversains with Rectory Hill, following a request that was submitted to Traffic & Highway Services last month by a man who lives nearby.

Traffic & Highway services has agreed to a request from Kevin Gaudion, who lives nearby, for a traffic mirror to be placed to help drivers going from Rue des Traversains onto Rectory Hill. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 31834840)

Kevin Gaudion was concerned about how difficult it was for road users to see traffic coming down Rectory Hill when exiting Rue des Traversains.

THS said that, following a site visit and an assessment, it found that the sight-line when exiting Rue des Traversains was significantly below the minimum recommended standard.

‘The mirror will be installed in the next month, with discussions about the possibility of mounting it on a street lamp column,’ said a spokesman.

New road markings will also be painted at the junction, which THS said will encourage motorists to exit Rue des Traversains towards the northern side of the road where there is a slightly improved line of sight.

Mr Gaudion’s request has gained significant traction on social media, with his post in Facebook group Guernsey People Have Your Say confirming news of the impending installation receiving almost 500 likes.

‘I’m delighted, I’ve had so much positive feedback about it, so I’m very glad that it’s finally happening,’ he said.