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Guernsey Dairy ready to scoop up this summer

AFTER ice-cream shortages last summer, Guernsey Dairy is already in production and relaunching its offering in new sizes, updated packaging and with a new storage strategy.


The dairy produced more than 80,000 litres of ice cream last year – enough to fill almost 300 bathtubs. But it was not enough to satisfy demand.

This summer it has got in early. Ice cream production is currently working at full capacity, as the dairy is limited by the current machinery and storage space.

‘As you see the good weather coming, you know sales will go up,’ said production manager Dave Domaille. ‘Last summer we couldn’t quite keep up. And it can catch you out. We have learned from this and adjusted our production accordingly.’

Mr Domaille said they had talked to the ‘very understanding’ businesses they supply about increasing storage at busy times to help them increase capacity.

Ice cream production only accounts for a small part of the dairy’s turnover but it is an area that Mr Domaille feels has room for growth.

‘We anticipate a bumper summer this year, kick-starting with up to 3,000 visiting athletes and their supporters in the island for the Island Games, a steady flow of cruise liner visits, and of course our loyal local customers who will be enjoying the summer sun at home,’ he said.

New packaging has not required any changes to machinery at the Dairy.

Its ice-cream will now be offered in one litre tubs and 125ml mini tubs, compared with the previous two-litre size.

However, it will only be in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and mint choc chip flavour.

The dairy consolidated its retail range of ice creams two years ago by focusing its attention on the most popular flavours. It will still offer its other flavours – coconut, coffee, toffee, and rum and raisin – but only in four-litre catering packs, which need to be pre-ordered and are subject to minimum order quantities.

Dairy managing director Andrew Tabel said the aim was to help maintain continuity of supply at times of high demand by freeing up storage space.