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Covid cost the States £97.3m. in two years

COVID cost the States of Guernsey £97m. in the first two years of the pandemic, with business support payments making up the bulk of that amount.

The Community Vaccination Centre at Beau Sejour which closed in March 2022. The vacination programme was not one of the big ticket items for the States. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 32169142)

Of the £97.3m. between March 2020 and April 2022, capital expenditure made up just £3.7m. of the total.

This was made up of just over £1m. on the exit from lockdown work, £935,000 on ICT and £816,000 on medical equipment. The vaccination programme cost £400,000.

The business support scheme ended up costing £74m. Of this £55m. was for payroll co-funding, but the money was not spread evenly over the two years. In 2020 the scheme cost £40m., but this dropped to £14m. in 2021.

Business grants totalled £9m., with £7.5m. of that in 2020, while the visitor sector scheme cost £8.8m.

Unlike the other schemes, the visitor scheme cost £2.6m. in 2020 and £5.7m in 2021.

The report also notes that £187,000 was paid to individuals to help with self-isolation costs.

Within the report it was highlighted that some businesses had decided to repay their business support payments voluntarily.

The 18 businesses, from across different sectors, repaid £1.2m.

Both the co-funding and business support schemes have been internally audited and an audit of the visitor scheme is under way.

The reviews are confidential.