Guernsey Press

States to vote on wind power revolution

A radical 25-year plan has been published to transform how the island meets its electricity needs.


Deputies will be asked to back a proposal for Guernsey to generate more than half its electricity by wind, 10% by solar and the remainder from a new direct cable link with France.

The plan - styled 'Option D' - was released by the Environment & Infrastructure committee this afternoon after a lengthy study of six options. E&I hopes the States will debate and vote on its plan in July.

It estimates that Option D will cost the public and private sectors a total of about £1.73 billion between now and 2050, which it said would be about £200m less than continuing with the current methods of generating electricity.

'This is a more affordable option than continuing with how we currently generate electricity and will also provide us with a more secure supply, which over time will give us greater access to locally-generated renewable energy,' said E&I president Deputy Lindsay de Sausmarez.

  • There will be full coverage in Tuesday's Guernsey Press