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St Peter’s glamping wellness retreat is given the go-ahead

PLANS for a glamping wellness retreat have been given the go-ahead, despite concerns from the parish douzaine that proposed geodomes were too big and did not fit in with the area.


The proposals are for land at Les Caches on Rue des Caches, opposite Morrisons in St Peter’s, which will host nine geodesic domes, all serviced with water, electricity and drainage, available for use all year round.

Planners approved the application despite three letters of objection, which raised concerns about the project’s impact on the rural nature of the area, the loss of a green field, the introduction of parking, and the incongruous nature of the domes.

There were also concerns the development would lead to more noise and traffic.

St Peter’s constables said the douzaine was generally supportive of the change to create the wellbeing centre, but had concerns about increased traffic, the lack of mains drainage, and the loss of the agricultural field.

‘The biggest concern is the size and design of the geodomes,’ they said in a letter to the Development & Planning Authority.

‘The douzaine felt that these were certainly too large especially too high and not in keeping with the immediate locality.

‘There is also the added issue, as seen in the past, that temporary structures become permanent.’

Traffic & Highway Services stated that the proposals would not generate any significant additional traffic, which was welcome as the site is on a quite a narrow single lane.

The Island Development Plan aims to support Guernsey’s camping and glamping offerings in a bid to enhance visitor accommodation.

In granting the application, the planners said the proposals were proportionate for the glamping operation and that the domes were not treated as permanent features under planning policy.