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‘Boxing saved my life’

A MAN who claims that boxing has 'saved my life' said many islanders would be ‘gutted’ if the States withdraws funding from the Sports Commission.


With a large part of the Commission’s future income in doubt, Steve Mourant wants deputies to know the difference the Amalgamated Boxing Club has made to his life ahead of a possible States debate about funding in July.

‘I had an accident and was referred through Bailiwick Social Prescribing. I used to do boxing years ago and so thought I’d give it a go again,’ he said.

‘It’s good for my mental health for sure. I’ve got fibromyalgia and it’s good for my body as well.

‘Boxing saved my life, otherwise I would just be at home bored, as I can’t work at the moment.’

Mr Mourant said that boxing as a child taught him self-discipline, self-confidence and respect, as well as keeping him out of trouble.

When he can, he attends the club once a week for about half an hour to exercise, and that is what he looks forward to most each week.

Boxing development officer Mandy Hobart has worked closely with Mr Mourant. Her role is funded by the Sports Commission. ‘When Steve came in he was so pleased to get back into the environment, even though it was daunting after all these years,’ she said.

‘He has a bit of exercise and a bit of fun and it’s good to get him slowly building up his fitness and doing a little bit more each time.

‘Without the Sports Commission I wouldn’t be here working with Steve. I just hope that everything gets back on track and the Sports Commission gets the funding it needs.’

Mrs Hobart and Mr Mourant do bag work, pad work, weights exercises and touch sparring.

‘We don’t push people to go beyond their limits. I ask them to advise me how they are feeling and we go from there,’ said Mrs Hobart.

‘Boxing is not just about hitting people. It’s not a scary environment and it’s for any ability or any disability. We can adapt everything that we do.’

Boxing was recently featured in the Youth Games and the club attracted several new signings following the event.

Education, Sport & Culture is still considering its position on future funding of the Sports Commission.