Guernsey Press

‘Where the electricity comes from is irrelevant’

NEW electricity solar generators entering the market could help drive down costs, Guernsey Electricity CEO Alan Bates has said.


‘Accounting Unbundling’ is the term used in Environment & Infrastructure’s electricity strategy. It will see more transparency within GE’s books and allow new solar generators to see exactly what they and the utility are charged.

‘We need to be able to show how costs are created in different parts of the business and particularly in generation,’ said Mr Bates.

‘If someone wants to compete in generation and they want to be assured that the price they get for electricity or the cost they get charged to connect to the grid are fair and transparent.’

Generation markets have been open since 2001 and there are currently four companies with generation licences.

But Mr Bates said that GE was still the only front-of-meter generator, which generates into the grid.

‘By having competition in generation you get a better cost and a better service in terms of those generators,’ Mr Bates said.

GE already operates six solar sites on large rooftops across the island – including on the North Side power station, the Post Office headquarters, The Ladies’

College and at the Longue Hougue waste facility.

Mr Bates said that the company would expand to other sites, but was equally happy if other companies step into the market.

‘If we want to enter that market, it has to be on the same set of rules and principles as anyone else,’ Mr Bates said.

‘That sort of level playing field needs to exist from all competitors.’

‘If someone can come in and do it a lot better than us then why would we not do that as an island? Once tariffs reflect the way costs are created in the electricity market, and are recovered appropriately, where the electricity comes from is, in a way, irrelevant.’