‘There will be no green space left in the Vale’

THE last green field on the northern side of Braye Road could soon be developed with homes.

Plans for four new houses on the field at the corner of Braye Road and Carriere Lane have infuriated neighbours.

Another application for two homes on a Carriere Lane garden nearby has also been submitted.

Mother and daughter Wendy and Laura Smith live at historic Braye Farm. Their view will be completely obscured if one of the developments goes ahead, they said.

Two three-bedroom houses would be just metres from their front door.

Wendy Smith has already drafted an objection letter.

‘I’m absolutely furious,’ she said. ‘It will ruin the outlook.’

The first they knew of the plans was when they saw men measuring the field a few weeks ago.

The family moved into the farmhouse in the late 1980s.

‘It was so different when I was young, and so much safer on the roads,’ said Miss Smith.

‘All the green land around us has gone or is going, the Saltpans development, the triangle opposite Alliance, now this and two more houses just up the road. There is no green left at all.

‘We have had the Coq du Nord development right next door, they only have parking for themselves. When they have visitors there are cars everywhere.

‘This development will be exactly the same.’

Miss Smith said she was hit by a car at the end of Carriere Lane two years ago.

‘Going out of the lane now you can’t see the traffic, what’s it going to be like with four houses?’

Both applications were submitted by Infinity Group.

Infinity managing director Paul Nobes said the plans had been submitted on behalf of the current landowners.

‘We are dictated as to where can be develop by the Island Development Plan,’ he said.

‘If permission is granted we will meet with residents and discuss the plans.’

Vale douzaine will discuss the applications later this month.

Senior constable Richard Leale said personally he was not keen on the field proposal.

‘It’s ribbon development again,’ he said. ‘There will be no green spaces on that side of the road from Bailloterie Lane until Bordeaux. It’s not good.’

The Carriere field development proposed two, two-storey properties, with two bedrooms, at the front of the site.

Two, two-and-a-half storey houses, each with three bedrooms, would be at the rear of the site.

Access would be from Carriere Lane, with eight parking spaces.

The properties would have gardens, as well as native planting areas.

The second application is for two homes further up the lane, both one-and-a-half storey, three-bedroom properties, that would also have the access from Carriere Lane.

Both sites fall within the outer boundary of the Bridge main centre, where new housing is directed.

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