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‘States missed the chance of Games legacy’

A DEPUTY has called into question whether the States have invested enough into the legacy of Guernsey 2023.

Deputy Sasha Kazantseva-Miller. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 32329583)

Sasha Kazantseva-Miller posed written questions to Education, Sport & Culture regarding investment in youth sport. She believes Guernsey has missed a significant opportunity to build a lasting Games legacy.

‘I was not completely satisfied with the answers I received,’ she said.

‘I would have liked to see more investment in school sport and youth sport, which other big events have led to.’

In her response ESC president Andrea Dudley-Owen said that a lasting legacy had been a strategic theme that had run through every aspect of the preparations for the Games. She admitted that capital investment had been ‘limited’ as the island was still benefiting from the development of the Garenne Stand at Footes Lane and the redevelopment of Beau Sejour carried out for the 2003 Games.

She said that, including the support of 10 key sponsors, some £200,000 had been invested in the 14 Games sports on capital development or venue enhancement, including £53,000 in shooting and up to £75,000 in swimming.

Deputy Kazantseva-Miller said she had posed the questions because she was passionate about sport.

‘This week has been beyond the expectations of everyone, it’s been so exciting to see all the kids involved,’ she said.

‘What’s disappointing is to see budget declines and lack of investment. Look at Beau Sejour – it has had little or no investment since it was built for the last Games.

‘We have done really well for these Games but that’s down to community involvement and private investment. It’s down to volunteers who put in time for free. There has been subdued activity from the States.’

Deputy Kazantseva-Miller has been a vocal supporter at the Games, and was seen at many events over the week.

‘I’m a strong believer in the commissioning approach, not just for sport but art and music and other activities, she said.

‘The States need to understand that each pound invested has a multiplier value. Cutting grants for sport is not the way forward.’