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Lots of fun was had at Friday’s Harbour Carnival

A TEAM of four women dressed as Minions made a splash in the man-powered flying event at this year’s Harbour Carnival on the Town seafront.

IQ-EQ's Minions team at the man-powered flight at Friday’s Harbour Carnival. (32349786)

Helen Bougourd, Aimee Gontier, Charlotte Lythgoe and Lauren Pink, who work for financial services company IQ-EQ, called themselves IQ-Egru after the Minions film ‘The Rise of Gru’.

‘Our company encourages us to participate in community events. We decided the name of our team first and then the rest of the idea came from there.

‘We are fully expecting to get to Herm.

‘There is someone in the Mermaid waiting for us with a glass of wine or two,’ said Ms Bougourd before the flight.

They just failed to make it to Herm, but they had more than a consolation prize when they won the award for best-dressed flyers.

‘I came to the carnival last year and this year I thought I’d take part.

‘When I said that, I was thinking of something like a dinghy race, but I ended up being persuaded to do the man-powered flight, which is a bit crazy but a lot of fun,’ said Ms Lythgoe.

Regular tug-of-war winners Harbour Lights won the competition again, but only after a closely-fought final against the Prison.

Joe Oliver, president of the Round Table, which organises the carnival, invited the Prison team to get in touch. They are owed a case of Prosecco after winning another award for best costume.

‘We were really pleased with how the carnival went. It was a fabulous evening in Town,’ said Mr Oliver.

‘The ladies’ dinghy race must have had almost a record number of entries.

‘The standard of costumes this year was very high.

‘There was a really great crowd of people down there taking advantage of the fun, entertainment and good weather.

‘We put it on mainly as a bit of a show, with raising money for charity a close second, and it was great to see so many people enjoying themselves.’

The carnival, which also included food stands, live music and fireworks, raised funds for domestic abuse charity Safer.

Matt Lihou was there with an old friend from university, Chris Seal, who was visiting the island from Cardiff.

‘We’ve just watched an exciting tug-of-war competition.

'It’s great to see so many people down here, especially so soon after the Island Games events in Town and elsewhere.

'It’s another good community event,’ said Mr Lihou.

‘I don’t think I’ve ever previously seen tug-of-war across a harbour. It looks good fun and adds a bit more jeopardy to the event,’ said Mr Seal.

‘I did a tug-of-war last year. I think the trick is not constant pulling, but it’s a hard sudden pull which wins it. Those guys looked pretty good.

‘This has the feel of a proper community street festival – good food, good beer, good atmosphere, loads of people here just enjoying themselves.’

Mr Oliver said organisers were currently trying to finalise a date for the 2024 carnival and search for a main event sponsor.