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Plenty to entertain the crowds on the final day of West Show

ENTERTAINMENT is one of the biggest parts of the West Show, and people were not disappointed by this year’s selection.

(Picture by Sophie Rabey, 32434608)

From magic shows, to traditional Guernsey dancing, to cars being crushed by monster trucks, the show provided a variety of entertainment which captured the attention.

The Bolddog Lings, of Bolddog FMX, attracted huge crowds with their freestyle motocross skills.

The large ramp and landing station which was installed in the centre of the arena saw three professionals, including a stunt rider who features in films.

Despite them all flying in the air, hanging off and doing flips with the bike, it was rider Josh Morris who received the biggest cheers from the crowd as he celebrated his birthday at the sunny West Show.

Another big crowd pleaser were Big Pete and the Grim Reaper, monster trucks which paraded around the arena crushing cars receiving gasps and big cheers from the crowd.

L’Assembllaie d’Guernesiais’ performance is part of the West Show furniture, but just eight of its usually 16-strong group were able to attend.

Doreen Laine, who heads the group, has been dancing for about 30 years.

‘It was brilliant,' she said.

'It’s always fun to get out there and dance, because when we first started we’d get nervous, but not any more.

‘It’s rare that people don’t come in and join us from the crowd for the final song, but the West Show is the big one where you really want people to get involved.’

The dancers said it was slightly more difficult with just half of the group, but they are always actively looking for new members to join.

‘Some of the people who danced with us today joined just a few years ago, but it’s open to all ages.

‘We meet once a fortnight to practice. We do sometimes forget the dances, but in general, none of us know what to do until the music starts and then it just happens.’

The oldest member of the group was 95 when they stopped dancing, and the youngest to join was 25 years old.