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Filipino cycling group is keen to recruit riders from around island

‘PADJAKEROS’ – Filipino for ‘pedalling’ – is the name of a new cycling group in Guernsey.

The new Filipino cycling group called Padjakeros, which means pedalling, take to the lanes on two wheels. Many of the group work at The Farmhouse. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 32280888)

The bike enthusiasts are all from the Philippines, but they are hopeful that islanders will join the group.

‘We started as friends just out for a cycle, and then came together as a group,’ said Rogel Dela Pena.

‘We all decided to go for it. Cycling is great for stamina and the immune system – health is wealth.

‘We are open to anyone joining the group and coming out cycling with us.’

He said that cycling was a hobby and a passion in the Philippines.

The 18-strong group take to Guernsey’s roads two or three times a week.

Their favourite route is heading north along the west coast from the Imperial Hotel and around into Town.

All the group work in hospitality. Some have lived in Guernsey for just a few months while others have been working in the island for several years.

They said it was a pleasure to share the roads with Guernsey drivers.

‘Guernsey drivers are so courteous,’ said Mr Dela Pena.

‘As for drivers in the Philippines, I’ll just say no comment. I’ll just say drivers here are much better and keep to the rules.’

As the cycling sometimes has to fit around evening shift work, the group’s members not averse to putting their foot to the pedal overnight.

This summer they have even set off close to midnight and cycled until 3am.

‘It was wonderful cycling when it was so quiet,’ said Shaun Rommel Durande, one of the group’s founders.

n The group can be contacted through their Facebook page