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Kids enjoy bug hunting at Nature Guernsey’s day out

THE child-like excitement of finding bugs and other creatures was much in evidence at Nature Guernsey’s day out yesterday at La Societe Guernesiaise land on Pleinmont headland.

Felix Eldridge, 9, hunting bugs in the fields at Pleinmont Headland during Nature Guernsey’s day out held by La Societe. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 32489189)

The open day proved popular from early in the morning, particularly with children, who could not wait to get out and search for insects.

Activities included a guided bird walk, a bug hunt and an insect walk.

As the bug hunt commenced, Samuel De Jersey, 9, almost immediately caught a butterfly.

‘I’ve caught a cabbage white,’ he said. ‘There are quite a lot of them in this field because I think because of the flowers.

‘I really enjoy finding things and we come to most of these events unless we’re on holiday.’

Samuel’s goal for the morning was to find a Jersey tiger, a type of moth sporting black and white stripes.

The species was one of those captured in moth traps set up, which were emptied at the beginning of the event.

Members of La Societe were on hand to help identify the bugs that were found and there was an opportunity to create a bug hotel.

Bat equipment was on show with displays of the types of bats that can be found in Guernsey.

Felix Eldridge, 9, caught several bugs quickly, including what was thought to be a phalangium opilio, which feeds off detritus and dead things.

‘I also caught a green-veined white butterfly which is in really good condition,’ he said.

Nature Guernsey, part of La Societe which hosted the event, also held a rock pool ramble at Fort Pezeries yesterday afternoon.