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Havelet Regatta sponsors back event for another two years

PLANNING for next year’s Havelet Regatta can begin shortly as its sponsors have agreed to underwrite the event for another two years.

The first Havelet Regatta was held on Sunday and events such as office chair racing proved popular with the crowds. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 32489771)

‘I feel quite emotional about how brilliant it’s been and how people have responded,’ said organiser and founder Odette Duerden on Sunday afternoon.

‘I’m loving how people first come and stand on the sidelines, not planning to take part in anything, but eventually get involved and have a great time.’

Mrs Duerden said that planning for the event had only started at the end of February. It had been a learning curve for the team, but the experience will make future events bigger and better.

‘Our sponsors Voyonic have underwritten us for three years, so we already have the option of two more years and we’d definitely like to continue it,’ she said.

‘We’d never organised anything like this before so we really started from scratch, but with a lot of help and advice we’ve learnt so much.

‘We only started planning on 28 February, but now we know it’s been a success we can start planning now for next year and have an entire year to book acts and entertainment as they get booked up quickly in Guernsey.’

Office chair racing was one of the most anticipated events at the regatta and did not disappoint, with hundreds of spectators surrounding the race course.

Adorned with fancy dress and helmets, teams worked their way around the ‘chairodrome’ on office chairs to battle for the title. It was not light work for the teams, who quickly discovered how demanding the event was, and there were several collisions with the barriers.