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Mallard Cinema halts Barbie film due to woman’s behaviour

A WOMAN’S behaviour during a matinee showing of Barbie at the Mallard Cinema forced management to stop the film.


There were many children at the viewing some of who were upset by what they had seen.

Lina Frimate, 34, of 1, La Masse, La Route de la Capelles, St Sampson’s, admitted behaving in a disorderly manner.

Prosecuting Advocate Phoebe Cobb told the court how the showing had started at 3pm in a sold-out cinema four.

The defendant kept speaking loudly and was laughing, and she obnoxiously ignored multiple requests from people to moderate her behaviour.

She continued to disrupt the film and when spoken to by management said she would talk if she wanted to. At about 4pm she was still swearing at people who asked her to be quiet and management stopped the screening.

She refused to leave and said she had paid for her ticket.

When police spoke to her outside she was unsteady on her feet and slurring her words. Officers spoke to people who had seen her behaviour in the cinema.

Frimate said in interview that she had not eaten that day before going to the cinema.

She had a large glass of wine before going in and had taken another in to the cinema with her. She accepted she had been ‘tipsy’ and said she might have been loud but that was due to her excitement. She denied swearing and took no responsibility for her behaviour.

She had been cautioned in 2020 for being found drunk in a public place.

Defending, Advocate Samuel Steel said this was his client’s first court appearance.

She had had too much to drink. She did not recall swearing but accepted that she must have and wished to apologise to the court.

Judge Gary Perry said this was the type of selfish behaviour that the court saw all too often.

The defendant had shown no concern for other people, he said.

‘We live in a society which means taking in to account the needs of others, but you have only done what you wanted to do, regardless,’ he said.

A fine of £700 was imposed.