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Admiral Park plaza reaches new heights

PHASE two of the Admiral Park plaza build has reached its highest point, as those involved celebrated its topping out ceremony.

JW Rihoy & Son celebrate with ‘topping out’ ceremony at Admiral Park Plaza House. The 67,000 sq. ft development is six storeys high. Left to right, surveying director Steve Moores, chairman Gavin Rihoy and managing director Dan Taylor. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 32544536)

Consultants, architects and stakeholders attended the 67,000sq. ft building site to celebrate the progress point in the project.

The 100-bed Premier Inn, multi-storey car park and Good Rebel restaurant were opened last year, marking the end of phase one.

‘We are celebrating the highest point of phase two and Guernsey’s newest office block, and biggest office block,’ said Gavin Rihoy, chairman of contractor J W Rihoy & Son.

1,500 tonnes of pre-cast concrete has been transported from the UK which makes up the lift shafts and centre of the building.

Both phase one and phase two have cost £40m. each.

Financial services companies have signed up to the upper four floors of the building, leaving two-and-a-half floors still available.

The development is expected to raise the quality of office accommodation locally and ensure the island remains competitive as an offshore finance jurisdiction.

‘We’ve had deputies round here and we've been telling them about pre-construction service agreements.

‘It is quicker and cheaper, it is the best and most efficient way moving forward,’ said Mr Rihoy.

Sustainability has been considered, particularly with the expansion of the multi-storey car park being smaller than planned, but still have more than 340 spaces allocated.

Mr Rihoy understood there were plans in the works for further developments at Admiral Park, but Rihoy was not involved.

The building is expected to be completed next year, with tenants anticipated to be moving in from April 2024.