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Car free day tomorrow will not include free bus travel

ISLANDERS are being asked to ditch their cars for tomorrow’s car free day.

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This year the buses will not be allowing people to ride for free due to ‘budgeting constraints’. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 32548219)

As the president of charity Living streets, Deputy John Gollop has said that more environmentally friendly modes of transport should be encouraged.

‘Hopefully people can walk, trot, cycle, scoot or catch one of our excellent buses to try a viable alternative and maybe get healthier,’ he said.

The international event happens annually and is supported by many environmental groups, including Living Streets, an environmental group which has a focus on active travel.

‘It is very important we keep recognising climate change and environmental issues, and we need more supporters and volunteers,’ said Deputy Gollop.

The annual event is usually supported by the island's buses, but this year the buses will not be allowing people to ride for free due to ‘budgeting constraints’ and promotions earlier in the year, including free travel for the Island Games.

Deputy Gollop hoped that people who were using active transport would take more time to focus on their surroundings.

‘When you are driving around the island at 35 miles per hour, you miss certain things. Active transport can be an opportunity to get people to think differently,’ he said.

The day aims to raise awareness around environmental issues and how the community can make change happen.

‘I hope to see as many people as possible taking part and that the event goes from strength to strength,’ said Deputy Gollop.

‘We need to think globally and act locally.’

Friday’s weather is set to be wet in the morning and dry in the afternoon.