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Criminals using Guernsey firm’s details to scam potential clients

The Guernsey Financial Services Commission has warned that criminals are using a legitimate Guernsey firm’s details to scam potential clients.


The financial services regulator said that fraudsters were using the name of Havelet Finance Limited to commit ‘advance fee fraud’ and had set up false websites and social media pages in the company’s name.

The GFSC said that anyone seeking to conduct business with Havelet Finance should take steps to ensure that they were dealing with the genuine firm.

Advance fee fraud is the term used when fraudsters target victims to make advance or upfront payments for goods or services that do not materialise, in this case business loans.

Havelet Finance is licensed by the GFSC to offer consumer credit services.

The legitimate company, which is based in Havelet House on South Esplanade, was approached for comment, but did not respond before publication.

An internet search for the company only brings up the fake website, as it appears the real company does not have its own website.

The bogus website looks professional, with links to accompanying social media sites on Facebook and X (Twitter), which include regular posts and links to investment opportunities.

Tell-tale signs that the site is not legitimate include the use of a mobile phone number as the main contact and no named individuals listed.

The main contacts page gives a phone number with a Glasgow area code, but calls to this number from the Guernsey Press were not answered.

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