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Lt-Governor opens Mill Street Community Cafe

MILL Street Community Cafe has officially been opened during a visit by Guernsey’s Lieutenant-Governor.

Lt-Governor Lt General Richard Cripwell cuts a Victoria sandwich to officially open the Mill Street Community Cafe after its refurbishment. Behind him are director and business development manager David Savident, and Jerry Lowe, the cafe's interior designer, second right. (Picture by Luke Le Prevost, 32551912)

Lt-General Richard Cripwell cut the cake and opened the cafe officially, after the cafe had a 'soft' opening several months ago.

‘We have so much on the island that it’s easy to forget those who don’t have everything,’ he said.

‘This cafe is designed to do so much for so many people who don’t have much, whether that’s money or company or the incentive to do something and I think it’s really, really important.’

The cafe invites people to leave their history on the doorstep, to enjoy a warm welcoming space and some food or a hot drink.

It also offers a pending service, where people can pay for additional meals or drinks for those who may not be able to afford it themselves.

‘Since we opened it’s been going really well, we’re very pleased and have a brilliant new kitchen which gives us a clear view of the cafe so we can talk to customers,’ said director and business development manager David Savident.

‘We had a vision to always be aware of customers.’

The cafe is staffed by volunteers or those who require more experience before getting work, and directors apply for every grant available to keep the cafe running.

‘There are people who can’t hold down normal jobs for whatever reason whether that be mental health-related or lack of experience or confidence, and so places like Bailiwick Social Prescribing and Guernsey Employment Trust send people our way to get some experience,’ said Sue Devine, director and catering manager.

‘Sometimes it’s people doing community service, or those who have been released from prison, or people who are retired and just want some structure to their week.’

The cafe is open Wednesday to Saturday from 10am until 2pm.