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Clean up of Bridge bins is one-woman job

A WOMAN who cleans for a living has been giving up her free time to clean up the Bridge.

Bernie Coutu cleans for a living, but has volunteered to keep the bins on the Bridge clean as she said they were in an ‘absolutely disgusting’ condition. (32563772)

Bernie Coutu said the bins were in an ‘absolutely disgusting’ condition, and she wanted make the area ‘more presentable’.

She has been working with St Sampson’s Douzaine to get the bins emptied seven days a week after initially taking it upon herself to clean out one each day during her lunch hour.

‘I have been working with Anthony Corbin, who has been great in getting the bins emptied every day now, to keep on top of them,’ said Ms Coutu.

She set out to restore four bins over the course of a week.

‘It’s just me doing it, to clean the Bridge up and improve the area, and make it more pleasant for people to come to,’ said Ms Coutu.

She removed price labels that had been stuck on the bins as well as cleaning them out and clearing up the areas immediately around them.

Ms Coutu, who has been involved in neighbourhood watch schemes near the Bridge for 14 years, contacted the douzaine and asked it to maintain the bins more regularly to prevent them being returned to the condition they were in before she started her clean up.

‘I’m a cleaner and have my own cleaning business, so it’s just me doing it,’ she said.

‘The bins here just looked really neglected.’