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Milestones reached in power cable project

TWO major milestones have been passed in Guernsey Electricity’s biggest cable infrastructure project since the 1980s.

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The trench dug in the vinery site at Victoria Avenue which houses the new 33kW cable.(Picture supplied by Guernsey Electricity)

Its aim is to upgrade the network at the hospital.

Next to the Emergency Department, the livening of the new bulk supply point high voltage substation is complete.

The new 11kV switchboard already feeds the existing PEH substation and will be ready to supply the hospital’s substation and generator house when construction is finished.

All private rights of way have been granted by landowners through the courts, allowing Guernsey Electricity to connect two substations at the PEH through the new 33kV cable.

This will extend to 6.5km, the largest lay on-island since the 1980s, and is now more than 50% complete.

‘With these two key milestones achieved, we are making great progress on a project that, once completed, will provide electricity for 20% of the island,’ said Guernsey Electricity project management team lead Chris Burgess.

‘It will also meet the needs of the hospital’s modernisation, accelerate its de-carbonisation and increase resilience and capacity in the network supplying the south of Guernsey.’

The works directly support the States’ programme to modernise the hospital.

This project follows the now fully-commissioned electricity bulk supply point at Beau Sejour and forms the transmission backbone for the island to achieve its climate and environmental de-carbonisation aspirations.

The project is expected to be fully installed and operational by 2028 and the majority of the major works are 50% complete.