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Architects sell cakes for earthquake appeal

AN ARCHITECTURE firm raised more than £1,000 to help people affected by the Morocco earthquake by selling cakes.

Architecture firm CCD held a cake sale outside the Town Church to raise money for the British Red Cross Moroccan Earthquake Relief Fund.Esther Male, left, and Antoinette Fooks were two of the staff members on the stall. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 32596840)

A member of staff at CCD was visiting family in Morocco and returned to the island the day before the quake.

CCD had been planning an activity day for the office, but said that it did not feel right doing something such as go-karting when people were still suffering.

So instead they were busy selling cakes outside Town Church.

‘I think it hits home more when you have a link to it, rather than just seeing it on the news, and my colleague’s family are still living in tents because their house was destroyed,’ said CCD associate director and chartered architect Esther Male.

All proceeds from the cake sale went to the British Red Cross Moroccan Earthquake Relief Fund.

‘It was really busy. We started setting up at 10.30am for an 11am start, but it has been a constant stream of people since we got here,’ said Ms Male.

‘People have been very generous, giving more than just the price of a cake.’

Mill Street Community Cafe also contributed some cakes and confectionery to be sold.

CCD has worked on the Town Church, and was pleased to be given permission to set up its cake sale outside the building.

Overall the sale raised £1,146.

Mrs Male said it was a fantastic amount.

‘We are very grateful to all those who made cakes and supported us on the day, buying cakes and giving donations,’ she said.

The 6.9 magnitude earthquake struck Morocco at about 11pm at the start of September. Nearly 3,000 people were killed and thousands more injured.

As winter closes in, there are concerns about those who have lost their homes.

The International Red Cross and Red Crescent are working together to provide people with shelter and sanitation.