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‘Large triangle’ in the sky remains a mystery

A mysterious object seen in the sky over the east coast last month has left the man who saw it looking for answers.

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Andre de Guerin took a photo of what he said looked like a large triangle in the sky over the east coast. (32662663)

Andre de Guerin, 44, was on his way to Longue Hougue recycling site to dispose of some electrical items when he saw the UAP – unidentified anomalous phenomena, the name that has replaced UFO – on Wednesday 13 September.

He had just driven past Vets4Pets in Bulwer Avenue when he spotted something in the sky to the east.

‘It looked like a black triangular object,’ he said.

He thought it might have been about 40m in size.

‘It was very large. Like nothing I have ever seen before. I was rather shocked at just how big it seemed to be.

‘It seemed to be hovering in one location. I’d take a guess that it was about half a mile away.’

He pulled over and managed to get a photo on his mobile phone but said it was an old model so the image was not clear.

Although the sighting was over a month ago he said he was mentioning it now because he had heard that other people had seen something strange too and wondered if it might be the same thing.

‘I’ve spoken to someone about this and they looked at the photo but they didn’t know what it was either,’ said Mr de Guerin.

Mr de Guerin did not leap to the conclusion that the object was extraterrestrial in origin.

On further investigation he said he found that the area was restricted airspace.

‘Maybe it was some French military aircraft that wasn’t supposed to be there?’

He also wondered if it might have been a B2 stealth aircraft.

Efforts to find out more by contacting Guernsey Airport proved fruitless.

‘I did speak to the airport and they said they knew nothing about it, but they were very cagey about speaking to me.’

A Guernsey Ports spokesman said there was no record of any object in the sky in the location and at the time specified by Mr de Guerin.

‘Local airspace is continually being monitored to ensure the safe navigation of aircraft,’ he said.

‘We would ask the public not to contact air traffic control to enquire about something they think they may have observed in the sky.’