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New 'day trip-focused' ferry service aiming to connect islands from 2024

A new ferry company is planning to offer a foot-passenger service between Guernsey, Jersey and Alderney next year, with tickets going on sale in January.

Islands Unlimited plans to begin operating on a trial basis next April. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 32757738)

Islands Unlimited said it will use a chartered boat capable of carrying about 240 people and will operate mainly between Guernsey and Jersey.

‘We recognise that connectivity between the Channel Islands continues to be a challenge for visitors, islanders and the tourism trade in general,’ said a spokesman.

‘We intend to focus on the day-trip market, along with providing connections for the two-centre holiday market and island hopping for tour operators.’

It plans to start operating in April on a trial basis.

Although this will not be daily next year ‘there is a strong drive that this service will become more regular’, said the spokesman.

A schedule is being worked on which will see sailings between Guernsey and Jersey and a few planned to Alderney.

‘We are conscious that we do not conflict with the Alderney Ferry Service and PSO with Aurigny, which is why we are not offering a “regular” passenger service to Alderney,’ the spokesman said.

‘Any services to Alderney will be focused on a day trip option with hopefully a tour offering. Tour operators believe that there will be interest in the direct Jersey/Alderney day trip offering.’

He said the company’s mission was to provide reliable and safe inter-Channel Island sea links and improve connectivity for visitors and island residents.

‘Our vision is to become the preferred provider of inter-Channel Island foot passenger sea travel, connecting the islands with a competitive, reliable and customer friendly service which in turn will drive growth across the islands and establish greater opportunities to visitors and islanders.’

The company believed that the service would be instrumental in increasing visitor numbers, duration of stay, ‘and, essentially, visitor spend’.

The company has issued a press release about its plans, but would not offer an interview. It is not known who is behind the project. It has Twitter and Facebook pages, but the admins on the latter are not listed on the page.