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Zach, 4, makes dream-come-true visit to Ferryspeed truck depot

A visit to Guernsey’s Ferryspeed base was a dream come true for one young islander.

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(Picture by Peter Frankland, 32759969)

Superfan Zach Brouard, 4, first found his love for Ferryspeed lorries when he spotted them doing deliveries, and has since learnt all of the different types which he speaks about constantly.

‘We do our weekly shop at the Co-op St Martin’s on a Saturday morning and there was always the big Ferryspeed food trucks doing deliveries,’ said mum Charlotte Brouard.

‘I think being so close to the lorries once we’d parked up was what started Zach’s obsession, and from there he started recognising all of the different types, the DAFs, the Scanias and there’s a couple more models too.’

Zach’s fascination with Ferryspeed branched out into the company’s YouTube videos.

A six-year-old YouTube video made by the company had about 300 views, until it was discovered by the Brouard family and Zach bumped the views up to more than 1,000 since August.

‘It’s only the Ferryspeed lorries that he’s obsessed with,’ said dad Daniel Brouard.

Zach and his family at the Ferryspeed depot. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 32759976)

‘No fire engines or police cars, just Ferryspeed. If he goes to the Co-op and there’s not one there then he’s disappointed.’

Zach also has toy model versions of the Ferryspeed lorries, and needs just one more to complete the fleet. His parents contacted Ferryspeed to ask if they could visit the site and have a tour of the trucks.

General manager Martyn Langlois was more than happy to comply. ‘A lot of people see the lorries on the road, and it’s all essential – if they’re on the road it’s for a reason,’ he said.

‘Zach has a very good taste in trucks.’

Zach was able to spend about an hour at the site, learning more about how everything works.

He got to wear a high-vis jacket on his tour and feel very official, as well as sit in a lorry, beep the horn and was even gifted his own Ferryspeed beanie which he wore with pride.

The only thing Zach left without was a job, but the team told him to wait a few more years and he would be in.