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Squishmallows the top toy for this Christmas

SQUISHMALLOWS are on track for being one of the most popular toys this Christmas.

Aladdin’s Cave with some of the most popular toys selling this Christmas. Left to right, sales assistant Ruby Palmeri with Barbie, sales assistant Amanda Vidamour with Squishmallows, operations director Natalie Maides with Bitzee and sales assistant Maddi Collenette with Lego Disney. (Picture by Luke Le Prevost, 32763569)

The round stuffed toys come in more than 1,000 designs worldwide, each with its own name and background story.

They began to gain traction and popularity during the pandemic on social media sites such as TikTok.

‘Lego continues to be the number one toy, but squishmallows have become increasingly popular,’ said Aladdin’s Cave operations director Natalie Maides.

‘There’s also interest in the classic names such as Hot Wheels and Barbie.’

She added that while the release of the new Barbie film in July had had a halo effect on the sales of Barbie toys and merchandise, the film was aimed at an older audience and so there had not been a huge uplift. Bitzee toys, an interactive hand-held digital pet, have also been popular at Aladdin’s Cave.

At Just Games, typical Christmas trends are expected, such as an increase in the number of consoles and games purchased, as well as some board games, card games and game-related merchandise.

‘All consoles, including Nintendo Switch, which is still going strong, PS5, Xbox all sell out around Christmas,’ said Stu Lean, owner of Just Games.

‘One thing that hasn’t picked up like usual is the FIFA game, but this could be because the name has been changed to EA FC, and so people may not have realised yet that it’s out.’

Squishmallows are also increasingly popular in store, as well as Lilo & Stitch plushies after it was announced by Disney that a live action remake of the film is on the way.

While board and card games increase in sales around Christmas, it is always computer games which take the lead in sales.

‘We have a Disney-version of Pokemon which has already sold out four times, and we will be receiving a drop just in time for Christmas,’ said Mr Lean.

‘Another popular game is Super Marios Bros Wonder, which is a new Mario game and not just a remake of a Wii game.’

Other merchandise, including figures and bags, can also make popular gifts.