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Grow’s solar-panelled roof could power 40 households

MORE than 300 solar panels have been installed on the roof of Grow’s headquarters – enough to power 40 homes.

Images of the new solar array installed at Grow Limited by Guernsey Electricity and The Little Green Energy Company. (32786721)

Guernsey Electricity and The Little Green Energy Company have been working together on the project, with the 310 photovoltaic panels able to produce 129-kilowatt peak power. Originally, Grow Ltd had planned for a smaller, private array at its headquarters, but the idea grew to become a Guernsey Electricity-owned community solar PV scheme, to benefit all islanders, as well as a smaller, private scheme.

Grow Ltd general manager Karen Blanchford said: ‘The Grow board has been determined from the outset that the redevelopment project should be an asset for the island as a whole and cooperating in the exploitation of the roof-space created was an obvious win-win. In order to ensure the greatest benefit for our day-to-day operations from the employment of modern technology, Grow Ltd also commissioned The Little Green Energy Company to supply and install a smaller PV array on the roof of the hospitality training unit to deliver some of the energy consumed day-to-day.’

Guernsey Electricity CEO Alan Bates said it was delighted to collaborate with the charity and the business on the project.

‘These on-island initiatives are designed to increase the amount of electricity generated from local renewable sources,’ he said.

‘The electricity feeds directly into the island’s network so that all our customers can benefit from locally generated, clean solar energy.’

The Grow installation follows similar projects completed over the past few years at Guernsey Post, King George V Playing Fields, The Ladies’ College and the Waste Transfer Station at Longue Hougue.

Grow is a charity that helps support adults with learning disabilities and difficulties develop self-confidence and life skills. This includes occupational training and mentoring. It recently moved back into the its refurbished site on Route des Coutanchez.