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Santa Clauses running to Town

WET and windy weather meant some soggy Santas set off from Pembroke for the annual fun run to Town yesterday.

Aid Reaching Children held its annual Santa Fun Run yesterday with participants running from Pembroke to Town. (Pictures by Sophie Rabey, 32790363)

The conditions meant that not all of those who registered turned up on the day, but those who did were determined not to be deterred.

This was the event’s 21st year and it was not the first to have taken place in less than pleasant conditions.

‘But we’ve only ever cancelled it once,’ said organiser Linda Garnham.

‘That was when there were extremely high winds. It’s windy today, but it’s not bad.’

The run raises money for the Aid Reaching Children charity that funds projects benefiting local children with terminal illnesses or those having cancer treatment, as well as for Children of Ukraine. About 400 people had pre-registered, each of whom would have paid £10 or £5 for children.

‘Registrations are good – it’s whether or not they turn up today,’ said Miss Garnham.

Entrants could also raise separate sponsorship and probably the most money had been raised by regular participant Karl Enticott, who had contributed £900.

‘I went to CT Plus, where I know one of the drivers, States Works and Social Security, to name but a few,’ said Mr Enticott.

Dressed in his newly-bought Christmas cracker outfit – last year he was a turkey – he was running with Beth Northrop, who had come dressed as a penguin this year. ‘I do the World Aid Walk in the summer months and the Tower to Tower,’ he said.

Before people set off there was a warm-up hosted by fitness instructor Dave Collins who used some dance mixes of Abba and the Grease soundtrack to get the blood pumping.

Miss Garnham had persuaded Father Christmas himself to get the event under way, which he did from the back of a truck which set the runners off at about 11.30.

With outfits including Christmas trees, elves and Christmas puddings among the Santas, Miss Garnham said next year might see a change. ‘I think I might change it from the Santa to the Festive Fun Run because so many people come in different suits,’ she said.