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Police confirm TV Licensing officials on house visits are genuine

Police have confirmed that they are aware that staff representing the TV Licensing Authority are currently making house visits in Guernsey.

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Islanders took to social media to address their concerns whether licence 'inspectors' were actually who they claimed to be.

‘Guernsey Police can confirm that members of staff representing the TV Licensing Authority are currently in Guernsey conducting house-to-house enquiries to chase people to pay their fees,’ a spokesman said.

‘They will have formal ID badges, and can take payments for outstanding fees when they visit.

'The team has liaised with the control room and we are aware of their activities and can confirm their legitimacy.’

TV Licensing states that anyone receiving a visit will have had a letter notifying them that a visit may take place.

‘We will send visiting officers to unlicensed addresses if occupants have not responded to our attempts to contact them by letter. We write to people first so that they understand why they need a licence and to give them an opportunity to pay for one.’

People can check whether a visiting officer is genuine by asking for ID – officers carry a personalised TV Licensing ID card – or by calling 0300 790 6071 so that TV Licensing can check the visitor's details.

A licence is required to watch TV channels on any TV service, watch live TV on streaming services and to use BBC iPlayer. This includes recording and downloading.

This covers TVs at home, as well as on tablets, mobiles, computers, consoles and set-top boxes.

Licence fee revenue is used to fund the BBC.

A TV licence costs £159 a year – about 44p a day.