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No plans to reopen ‘derelict’ cliff-top toilets

Cliff-top toilets near the Doyle Monument at Jerbourg have no prospect of being reopened, the States has said.

Public toilets in the car park at the top of Petit Port have stayed locked in the year since it was handed back to the States, with a spokesman blaming a lack of access. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 32986066)

St Martin’s parish reopened the toilets in 2015, but they were closed at the start of the pandemic.

They were handed back to the States early last year, when the government stated it needed to inspect the building to decide what to do next.

But when it was asked by the Guernsey Press for an update at the start of February, it stated there had been no progress.

‘The States has not yet been provided with access to the toilets by the constables and therefore cannot comment on their condition.’

St Martin’s junior constable Dave Beausire said the States had written to the parish this month to ask about access.

‘They just need to go down there and break the lock,’ he said.

‘They are derelict anyway. It’s down to the States.’

The States Property Unit then issued a further update, confirming it did now have access.

‘However, there is currently no intention to reopen the facilities as alternative toilets are available in the Jerbourg Point car park.’

The toilets were owned by the States until 2014, but had been closed for about four years at that stage as a cost-cutting measure.

The parish took them on as there had been regular complaints about them being closed.

In the winter of 2014 the roof was scraped and repainted and the outside was redecorated.

Pupils from St Martin’s School later painted a mural on the outside.

By Easter 2015, the cesspit had already been emptied twice due to lots of use.

When the building was handed back to the States, it was in a poor state, with a leaking roof.