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Plans for house in Bouet ‘absolutely ridiculous’

Plans to build a three-storey property in the back garden of a Bouet house have angered some neighbours, with one calling the idea ‘absolutely ridiculous’.

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Philip Leale in his back garden two doors along from the proposed building, which will be the other side of the wooden fence. (33010969)

As well as the size of the proposed building there are also concerns about having so many people living on the site.

Nicky Stewart’s garden is separated from the other property by a wooden fence, which she has only recently had installed, as well as having a patio created and a lawn, all which cost about £12,500.

‘It’s absolutely ridiculous,’ she said.

‘I’m furious. This building is bigger than the house that’s already there. And if a fire broke out, how would the fire service get to it?

Miss Stewart said she had spent a lot of money on improvements to her house to enable her son and his girlfriend to live there while she lives in a chalet close to the property in the back garden.

This was classed as part of the house and could not be separate from it, which made her wonder how a separate building could be allowed.

Bardigiana has been used as staff quarters for local restaurants and Miss Stewart said that there had been issues previously with noisy barbecues and people dancing on the roof.

‘The police have been to that property sometimes. There was a big punch-up there last summer. If you have more people living there you are going to have more problems.

‘I’m 70 and considering retiring to the peace and quiet of a chalet, not to loads of people shouting, swearing and so on.’

Philip Leale lives in the next house along and said that he would be meeting Miss Stewart this week to discuss what they would do, but it was likely that they would be making a representation against the development.

‘It’s unbelievable,’ he said of the plans.

‘I’m hoping they don’t get permission.

‘I thought you had to have parking with developments these days.’

Neighbour Tina Gordon said that a large tree had just been removed from the site, or close to it, and she was looking forward to having more sun in her back garden after 5pm.

‘That building’s going to block any sunlight after 5pm,’ she said.

‘My next door neighbour will definitely not be happy because they like their sun as much as I do. And I don’t want anyone overlooking my garden.’

Not all neighbours were so annoyed.

‘I’m not bothered, as long as there’s not too much noise from the building work,’ said Rosie Blaise.

Several nearby properties are split into flats and the residents who spoke to the Guernsey Press were not concerned about the development.

‘I’d seen the plans on the planning site but I wasn’t sure what it was,’ said Dave Tulie, who lives in Phoenix Way, behind the site.

‘It doesn’t really bother me and I wouldn’t think there’d be much noise. Flats these days are fairly well sound-proofed.’