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Green waste site ‘very, very posh compared to the old one’

Guernsey’s new green waste site opened its gates yesterday.

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Michael Carr was the first person to use the new green waste site at Mont Cuet yesterday morning. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 33110901)

The first islanders to unload their grass cuttings and hedge trimmings on concrete, rather than ground, were generally enthusiastic about the new facility.

First through the gates at 10am was Michael Carr, who knew the site was opening today and had been looking forward to coming down.

‘I’m so pleased not to be getting covered in mud like we did at the old site,’ he said. ‘My wife’s a compulsive gardener and I come down twice a week with the dog and we hit the beach on the way back. I have to say all the island’s waste collection and recycling facilities are really good.’

Unlike the muddy surroundings of the old site, the facility has a concrete floor, with seven parking bays, including one larger one for cars with trailers and an extra member of staff to help with reversing and traffic flow.

‘It’s very, very posh compared to the old one, I won’t need my wellies in future,’ said Ken Ingrouille, who had brought a trailer of garden clippings to the new site.

‘I won’t miss the pot-holed approach road. I’ll probably be back later – the weeds keep growing.’

The new purpose-built area at Mont Cuet is just a few hundred yards from the old site at Chouet which Ronez will be using as a quarry and a number of islanders drove past the new site before a hasty U turn.

The island’s green waste site also has new opening times, opening and closing two hours later on weekdays and opening on Sunday afternoons throughout the summer.

‘It was a nice surprise to get to use the new site, I’ve a whole Easter weekend of gardening to get rid of,’ said Martyn Pipet, who did not know the new site opened yesterday and had accidentally driven past it.

‘The new opening times will actually work better for me as I’ll be able to come after work.’

Guernsey Waste Operations Manager Sarah Robinson was on hand to oversee the site opening. She was keen to let islanders know the new site was open for business and explained part of the rationale for changing the opening times.

‘The new timings will allow the site to be cleared and the waste taken to Mont Cuet in the mornings where it will get processed into soil conditioner which is available to people free of charge,’ she said.

‘We had lots of data around when the site was used and have tried to weigh up customer demand. The new opening hours have a focus on summer months when we are busiest.’

Waste at the site was originally intended to be put in green troughs but the plans were changed after trials.

‘We listened to the feedback and it did not prove popular. Waste will now be placed on the open concrete,’ she said.

‘The site has good drainage so we should be able to keep it nice and clean.’

Initially, the site will only be able to open until 4pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays as the current planning permission restricts the weekend operating hours.

Guernsey Waste intends to extend the weekend opening hours until 6pm, subject to permission being secured.