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Plans to ban smoking in cars and vape sales backed

Proposals to ban smoking in cars and the sale of disposable vapes have been welcomed by the chief executive of the Health Improvement Commission, Dr Simon Sebire.

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Chief executive of the Health Improvement Commission Dr Simon Sebire. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 33135718)

Health & Social Care will be taking its proposals to the States in the coming months.

Dr Sebire said the commission worked closely with Public Health.

‘We’ve been very supportive of the proposal to catch up with the rest of the UK and the rest of the British Isles and ban smoking in cars that are carrying children,’ he said.

A survey of children in 2022 showed that 7% reported being carried in cars in which there was someone smoking.

‘I think the paper is very well written,’ said Dr Sebire of the report.

‘The proposal is very clear, it’s evidence-based and based on the risk of exposure.’

He is also backing HSC’s proposal to ban the sale of disposable vapes.

‘The really important point about this is that it’s about disposable vapes that are cheaper and more marketed towards children and young people, with all the flavours and the names and the colours, and where they’re placed in the shop, with confectionery and at eye level.’

HSC’s move to stop vapes being promoted in shops was important, he said.

‘It’s about creating what we call environments for health – places and spaces which make it easier to live more healthily.

‘That’s the key really.

There would be exemptions that will allow people trying to stop smoking to obtain disposable vapes, however, and Dr Sebire said this would help those who used the Quitline service.

‘Quitline will see many people who have got problems with dexterity and they find it much easier to hold a disposable vape than have one where you have to have a tank and a unit and to be refilled. And so that’s the main idea with with those exemptions.’