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Air-side ‘pub’ one of options being looked at for airport

A new bar could be created air-side at Guernsey Airport along with the old land-side shop being repurposed to benefit passengers who have gone through security.

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Guernsey Ports managing director Colin Le Ray outside the airport terminal which was first used 20 years ago today. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 33151419)

As the airport terminal celebrates 20 years of operation today, Guernsey Ports managing director Colin Le Ray said that the changes are being discussed and reflect a desire to find more commercial opportunities.

They also reflect the fact that the way that the airport is used by non-travellers has changed over the years.

‘The airport as a destination for people who are not travelling is probably less than it was before,’ he said.

‘We’ve still got the ability to go up and watch aircraft and have a coffee here and we encourage members of the public to do that,’ he said.

‘But if you’re a passenger you tend to check in relatively late and appear at the airport relatively late. There’s a very short dwell time in Guernsey compared to most UK airports.

Looking back to July 2003 and the terminal can be seen taking shape behind Mr Le Ray. (33154936)

‘Most of the time you’ve got a long journey time to the airport. Therefore, you tend to arrive early and you tend to have some time to kill, whereas in Guernsey most of us leave home 20 or 30 minutes before the check-in closes and we’re going straight through to air-side. That’s why over time we’ve had to provide more facilities air-side.’

He said that more space in retail and catering air-side is being looked at.

This will include changing the land-side shop, which is closed and no longer leased by WHSmith, by blocking access from the land-side and giving access to a new shop air-side.

Smith’s still operates the small shop next to the cafe in departures.

While alcohol is available from the cafe, Mr Le Ray said the aim is to create something more specific.

‘We think there might be an opportunity for, I’ll call it a pub. But that’s something we’re working with our caterers on.’

Meetings with stakeholders will be taking place to get their views, he said.

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