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Grange is due to open, but more roadworks in area

The Grange is set to reopen today after emergency repairs to a gas main.

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After being made one-way on Wednesday, the Grange is due to return to two-way traffic from noon, but temporary lights and closures will be back in the area from tomorrow. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 33155934)

But before Town drivers breathe a sight of relief, Guernsey Electricity is set to install traffic lights on Queen’s Road tomorrow.

Drivers were faced with a surprise on Wednesday afternoon, after the Grange was made one-way westbound, with town-bound traffic being sent around Brock Road and Doyle Road.

It led to severe traffic problems.

The Grange will go back to two-way traffic at about noon today following resurfacing work.

The utility said yesterday that work had been completed, but the road needed to be resurfaced before reopening.

‘Thanks to the quick work of our team, gas service has been reinstated,’ a utility spokesman said.

‘Resurfacing is taking place today and the road should open from lunchtime.’

Many recent closures and roadworks in the area have been due to Guernsey Electricity work.

Tomorrow GE is set to install traffic lights on Queen’s Road for four days, as part of its ongoing project to improve electricity capacity and the security of supply in the south- east of the island.

‘Following consultation with Traffic & Highways, portable traffic lights will be installed for two-way traffic between Queens Road and Mount Row until Tuesday 30 April,’ a spokesman said.

‘Prince Albert Road and Mount Durand will remain closed for the duration of the work.

‘Guernsey Electricity regrets any inconvenience caused by this work, which is an essential part of the project to link up La Charroterie with the new substation at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital.’

Prince Albert Road had been due to open today, but will now remain closed until the end of the month.

It has been undergoing voltage cabling upgrades.

Brock Road is closed from Monday until Wednesday 15 May to allow Guernsey Electricity to install a low voltage pillar at the Brock Road/Doyle Road junction.

Temporary traffic lights on Le Val des Terres, which allowed for wall repairs, should be taken away today, but work to patch the road along Glategny Esplanade is continuing until 3 May, meaning temporary lights will stay on that stretch.