Guernsey Press

Armed police on training exercises

FIREARMS officers have been conducting training exercises around the island this week, including one pictured at the Braye Lodge Hotel yesterday.

Police carrying out firearm training at the old Braye Lodge Hotel.. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 33242539)

Police warned islanders a few days ago not the be alarmed if they saw firearms crews out on the roads.

‘They are training to ensure every officer in the team can work at the highest standard and is ready to protect the community,’ they said.

Just over a year ago, Guernsey Police held a firearms training exercise at the harbour terminal, in a mock incident which involved a man holding a woman hostage with a large knife inside the building.

A number of officers are trained in firearms in Guernsey.

While larger-scale training exercises are infrequent, routine firearms refresher training is completed at least every couple of months.