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Swimming platform installed at Pembroke Bay

Beachgoers at the Pembroke side of L’Ancresse Bay are now able to swim out to a platform recently installed by the Guernsey Sports Commission – and similar platforms could soon be installed in other bays around the island.

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Alan Jenner, outdoor and adventure sports development officer, on the new pontoon at Pembroke Beach. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 33242586)

The platform is part of the commission’s Aqua Smart programme, through which it works closely with primary schools to improve children’s water confidence.

It measures 3m x 3m and comes with a ladder designed for Guernsey’s tidal range, two jumping areas, and some space for advertising. It will be installed in the bay every year between May and September.

Sports Commission outdoor and adventure sports development officer Alan Jenner said the idea of a platform had been worked on for the past year-and-a-half.

‘It’s the perfect location as the beach here is easy to access and safe,’ he said.

‘Children will be able to have a fun, safety-first sea swimming experience, and we encourage people to come down and give it a go.’

Mr Jenner said that planning and implementing the platform had been a ‘torturous’ journey and had involved extensive discussion with UK-based company The Pontoon and Dock Company regarding specifications.

‘This is the first time Pontoon and Dock has ever had to design something for a tidal range as big as Guernsey’s, so making sure all the measurements were correct and that it would be weighed down sufficiently was a challenge.’

‘All in all, £2,000 has been spent on safety considerations, and now I’m just delighted that it’s in place and ready to use.’

He also thanked local businesses Geomarine, Ronez and Donkey Delivers for their help installing the platform and Rocq Capital which has sponsored it.

Sports Commission relationships director Steve Sharman said the commission worked closely with Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Services staff to secure all of the necessary permissions for the installation.

‘We hope it will be enjoyed by the whole community. Huge thanks to our sponsors, Rocq Capital, who have been instrumental in making this a reality,’ he said.

Rocq Capital chairman Stewart Perfitt said that if there was positive feedback about the platform at Pembroke, the company and commission would look to extend the initiative to other bays.

‘This aligns seamlessly with our ongoing efforts to support initiatives that promote health and wellness within the community,’ he said.

‘We eagerly anticipate the positive impact of the swimming platform at Pembroke Bay.’