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John Ramplin Charitable Trust now owns three care homes

Three Guernsey care homes are now under the full ownership of the John Ramplin Charitable Trust.

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Summerland House. (33250336)

The trust has announced that it is now the 100% owner of Guernsey Care Homes Holdings Ltd and Hermanus Ltd, which owned Summerland House Nursing home, Saumarez Park Manor residential home and Maison de Beauvoir care home.

Summerland House is registered for 55 residents, with 50 classified as nursing care and five as residential, while Maison de Beauvoir and Saumarez Park can provide residential care to 43 and 35 residents respectively. Summerland has 75 staff, there are 43 at Maison de Beauvoir and 31 at Saumarez Park.

Previously the trust, through its company Epinel Investments Ltd, had held the majority of shares in the homes.

All profits from the three care homes will now be channelled into the trust to go towards charitable causes.

The trustees said they were keen to make it clear that the acquisition of the homes will not affect their management, staff or operations: ‘Residents and their families can rest assured that there will be no changes to how the homes are run,’ said the trustees.

‘They will continue to operate to the same high standards that they always have.’

GCHH managing director Tony Woodland is a John Ramplin trustee: ‘The trustees taking control of GCHH is a natural progression for the trust and is congruent with the goals of the JRCT,’ he said.

‘This will give it a real purpose and vision for the medium and long term.

‘The investment in GCHH will change the asset being held for the purpose of income generation to that of charitable purposes itself, that is the asset will, to all intents and purposes be considered a charitable object rather than an investment.’

  • The founder of Guernsey Care Homes Holdings Ltd, David Woodland, was appointed as executor of John Ramplin’s estate and given the task of setting up a charitable trust in his name, which he did in 2016. Since then the trust has distributed funds to a wide range of Guernsey charities, mostly focusing on those which help low-income families, children, older people, people affected by disability or ill-health, community projects and medical research.