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Mystery as local woman becomes Condor's call centre for a day

A Guernsey woman suffered a 24-hour phone nightmare when her mobile number appeared as the contact number whenever anyone Googled ‘Condor Ferries’.

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A woman said she started receiving calls when her number appeared alongside a Google search for Condor Ferries. (Pictured: Condor Ferries homepage)

The woman, who did not want to be named, said she started getting calls on Wednesday lunchtime.

‘When the first one rang, I just thought it was a bit odd,’ she said.

‘Then when it happened again and I asked where they got the number and they said Google.’

She Googled Condor Ferries herself and was amazed to find her number displayed on her computer screen.

Over the next day she received about 25 phone calls from Condor customers trying to change bookings or amend details.

‘I got calls from Hong Kong, Dublin and Germany,’ she said.

‘If I wasn’t a decent person I could have taken their credit card details and money.

‘I’m slightly worried now that I’ll end up with a big bill from all the foreign calls.’

She said she had no idea how her number had ended up being shown as being Condor’s.

She contacted the Guernsey Press after failing to get through to Condor for help.

The number finally disappeared yesterday afternoon, shortly after the Guernsey Press got involved and contacted Condor.

A Condor Ferries’ spokesman said the company empathised with the woman for the inconvenience this issue had caused.

‘We have liaised with the customer directly and investigated the issue through our IT team to establish how a mobile number could have been made available online,’ he said.

He said the investigation included checking several search engines and the publication of the mobile number was nothing to do with the company.

‘At no point has Condor published details on its pages anything other than 0345 609 1024, which is for our contact centre.’