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Citizens of the Commonwealth are invited to celebrate

People from Commonwealth countries are being invited to Government House for a celebration as a prelude to the King’s visit.

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Government House will be hosting a Royal Commonwealth Society champagne celebration on Saturday 22 June. Left to right: Ariel Snoyman from South Africa, Darren Vogel of the Royal Commonwealth Society, and Kenyan representative Cathy Wanyoike. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 33322772)

The Guernsey branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society is looking for people in the island who are originally from other countries in the Commonwealth to come together in celebration.

‘Since King Charles was crowned he has put a focus on the Commonwealth,’ said Darren Vogel from the society.

‘His Excellency wanted to embrace the Commonwealth and invited the Royal Commonwealth Society to help with celebrations at Government House to make sure people from elsewhere in the Commonwealth feel as welcome as possible in Guernsey. We’ve worked with him to put together some things that will achieve that goal.’

The Commonwealth consists of 56 countries, a range of advanced economies and developing countries, aiming to work together for prosperity, democracy and peace.

Its roots go back to the British Empire, but now any country can join the modern Commonwealth. Current members include India, Pakistan, Kenya, Australia and Nigeria. Gabon and Togo were the most recent countries to join in 2022.

‘Guernsey is full of surprises, it is a really diverse place now, particularly post-Brexit,’ said Mr Vogel.

‘People in Guernsey from other Commonwealth countries are keeping us fed and watered and helping our financial industry to flourish.’

The event at Government House will be an outdoor champagne reception on Saturday 22 June from noon until 1.30pm, and is the first of a series of events.

Its purpose is to celebrate the many citizens of Commonwealth countries who have chosen to live and work within the Bailiwick.

  • Anyone from a Commonwealth country interested in attending should email National dress is encouraged.