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Rare President’s Award for local Boys’ Brigade corporal

More than 20 years after it was previously awarded, the ‘highly committed’ 17-year-old Boys’ Brigade senior, corporal Jayden Garnham, has achieved the President’s Award.

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Sir Richard Collas, president of the Guernsey Battalion of the Boys' Brigade, awards corporal Jayden Garnham, 17, with the first Presidents' badge for the 5th Guernsey Boys Brigade since 2000. (Picture by Terri Garnham)

It was presented to him by battalion president and former Bailiff Sir Richard Collas.

Having recently celebrated its 140th anniversary, the Boys’ Brigade marched along the seafront in March for its annual church parade.

Jayden has been a member of the Boys’ Brigade for 12 years, after his four older siblings joined the group. He believed that he was now the ‘longest serving’ of his siblings.

He has achieved the rank of corporal and the President’s Badge was the second-highest badge achievable within the Boys’ Brigade.

‘The badge sort of represents how you can expand God’s message to other people and be an example,’ said Jayden, who is part of the 5th Guernsey Boys’ Brigade at Wesley Methodist Church.

He said that some of his highlights as part of the Brigade included visiting Vale Castle and its summer activities.

‘I’ve been to Government House a few times for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and the King’s birthday, and I took part in the parade for the King’s coronation as well,' he said.

He added that he had also enjoyed kayaking and archery, sometimes with the 2nd Guernsey Boys’ Brigade.

‘I’ve also done some pistol shooting with the older boys. I get a really proud feeling when I’m in my uniform and helping out,’ he said.

Captain of the 5th Guernsey Boys’ Brigade, Mark Robert, said that the award had not been presented since about 2000, but the 2nd Guernsey Boys’ Brigade had awarded it much more recently.

‘Jayden has been brilliant with helping in that leadership role,' he said.

'As I was looking through the records, I realised he needed the President’s Award so I liaised with the 2nd’s captain Steve England and HQ,’ he said.

‘It’s important that he shows it off because the others look up to him and so that they are inspired by him.'