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Rain holds off as Red Arrows star in 60th season

Rain held off just long enough so islanders could really enjoy yesterday’s air display.

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The Red Arrows are celebrating their 60th season in 2024. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 33329510)

The rain had started earlier than expected, but most spectators were in their cars or heading back to work and school before the downpour began.

It also allowed the RAF Red Arrows to show off their skills during their 60th season of dynamic displays.

All along the east coast, islanders thronged the coastline, trying to get the best view.

Condor Liberation arrived at 12.25pm, meaning that passengers travelling onwards to Jersey could enjoy the display.

Flying display director Barry Neal was pleased that not only did the rain hold off, but there were no disruptive incidents.

‘We’re really lucky that the weather held off and as far as we’re concerned there were no incidents,’ he said.

‘I hope the public enjoyed it, it was a great relief that it went without a hitch.

‘Normally the display is in September, but because the Red Arrows are away on tour during that time we brought it forward. Next year it will be back on the second Thursday of September.

‘My favourite part is when it’s finished and there have been no disruptions or incidents.'

It was apparent that the crowd favourite was always going to be the Red Arrows.

Stephen Pipet, with daughters 10-year-old Erin and eight-year-old Orla, enjoyed a picnic made by mum.

‘It’s the first time we’ve come to the display. It’s the last year that Erin could do it so I had the day off, so I thought I may as well,’ said Mr Pipet.

Lisa Duquemin had come out especially for the display.

‘I’m looking forward to the Red Arrows, they’re well known and probably the most popular. I don’t think there’s as many people as normal but that might be because of the weather,’ she said.

Sylvia Birch said that Guernsey was lucky to have a display, and said that she had attended every display since 1975.

‘I wouldn’t miss this for the world. Two or three years ago I was flying upside down in a plane over Guernsey and my daughter was in a plane next to me. Within about 20 minutes the G-force was affecting you,’ she said.

Team Raven started the display at just after 11am, and were followed by the Hawker Hurricane, The Titans, Rich Goodwin Jet Pitts, Navy Wings’ Swordfish and Harvard and the Mustang X-Ray.The display finished with the RAF Red Arrows.