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Daughter in appeal to track down lost athletics trophy

An appeal has been issued to try and track down an athletics trophy, which has been missing for at about eight years.

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Julie Kiener-Moseley is trying to track down The Dave Mosley trophy named after her father. (33369702)

The Dave Mosley trophy dates back 40 years, but Guernsey Athletics cannot trace it and the daughter of the man it is named after wants to try to find it.

Julie Kiener-Mosley, a former reporter at the Guernsey Press, who has lived in Singapore for many years, was told about the lost trophy, one of her late father’s running shoes dipped in silver, by her brother. It has been missing since about 2016.

She had said the club feared that it might no longer be on the island. It reached out to all recipients going back to 2012, but with no success.

Mrs Kiener-Mosley questioned how the award could have been made without the trophy itself.

‘It’s been awarded since 1984, the year after dad passed at 48. I first pursued [the missing trophy] in 2019 and they said they would keep me updated,’ she said while back in the island on a holiday.

‘They think it might be off-island but it should never have gone.

‘Somebody has got to have it.

Mrs Kiener-Mosley said she would like to have the trophy back so that it can be presented again. (33370346)

‘It’s so frustrating and sad. He was only 48 and it was such a lovely memory thing to have and remember him by.’

Guernsey Athletics has been working to track down the trophy, with a fresh email appeal sent out to local runners this week.

Endurance director Chris Gillman said the club believed the trophy had been presented up until about 2016.

‘We have gone back to previous winners without success,’ he said.

‘We have rifled through all the cabinets, just in case, and we also have looked around the stores.’

He said there would be no judgment from the club if someone did have it, it just wanted to see it returned.

Mrs Kiener-Mosley said she would like to have it back so that it can be presented again.

‘Dad would be 90 this December, he was so loved and a big name in athletics locally.’