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Refurbishment of Beau Sejour gym works out nicely for users

A new floor is the main feature of the newly-refurbished Beau Sejour gym.

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Lucy Smart, Beau Sejour active fitness and health manager. (Picture by Erin Vaudin, 33401665)

It re-opened on Saturday in its regular location, upstairs at the leisure centre, after five weeks of refurbishment.

Almost all of the equipment – including even the heaviest weights – had been temporarily relocated to the sports hall to ensure that gym members and other users were still able to work out.

A total of 15 staff spent Thursday and Friday transporting the equipment back upstairs using a crane and pallet.

Beau Sejour active fitness and health manager Lucy Smart said the work had been primarily to replace the gym’s old carpet with a more modern floor.

‘The carpet was old and 8,000 members a month walking over it had taken its toll,’ she said.

‘The new floor will require less maintenance and will be easier to keep clean.’

She said her team had also used the opportunity to replace the gym’s lighting with a more energy-efficient system, as well as altering its layout to use the space more effectively.

‘We’ve got a designated area for high-intensity training and a new rig for weights and have moved the stretch space to near the entrance, where we have decided to add a few green plants to create more of a calming atmosphere as you first walk in.

‘We’ve tried to give it a lighter, airier feel.’

She said moving the equipment back upstairs from the sports hall had gone more smoothly than moving it downstairs five weeks ago, adding that they had filled the gym by starting at the back of the room and moving towards the front.

‘We moved the treadmills first. Everything was numbered and labelled so we knew what to do.

‘We learnt a lot going down, so that helped when we were bringing it back up.’

Miss Smart said users who had visited since Saturday had been amazed at the transformation.

Staff have already received several enquires from new customers looking to buy memberships.

‘People are amazed by how much has changed. I don’t think many were expecting the new layout.

‘It’s been a whole team effort and I can’t thank everyone enough. We just hope the community enjoys it.’