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Visiting Brits struggle to find things to do when it’s wet

Several days of rain has failed to put a dampener on holidays to the island, but finding things to do in the dry has proved tricky.

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Tourists Phyllis and Caleb Pearce at Oatlands. (Picture by Peter Frankland, 33404829)

Visiting Brits who are used to the rain refused to let the wet weather ruin their holidays, but said that they were struggling to find entertainment to pass the time.

Caleb and Phyllis Pearce are on a week-long visit to the island from Harpenden in Hertfordshire.

They first came to Guernsey about 55 years ago, not long after they got married.

‘We’ve been to Guernsey many times before but the last time was about six years ago and we were due a visit back,’ said Mr Pearce.

‘It’s such a lovely place, we really enjoy doing cliff walks. The weather hasn’t been very favourable the past couple of days but we had some good weather before that – we’ve experienced worse weather when in Guernsey.’

Rosemary and Richard Parkes were visiting for the first time from Kent, accompanied by their dog Isla.

Some of their plans had to change due to the weather, but they were still trying to make the most of the trip before they head to Jersey today.

‘We came to Guernsey to see all of the islands. We have been to Sark and Herm and we were supposed to go to Alderney today but the weather meant the boat was cancelled, which is a bit frustrating,’ said Mrs Parkes, who eventually diverted to Oatlands instead.

‘We struggled a bit today with finding what to do. We went to the Occupation Museum, and yesterday we went into St Peter Port, but we got absolutely soaked.’

The pair said that they had experienced a mixture of weather during their trip, and managed to walk the south coast before the rain arrived.

‘When we looked at the weather before we came it was about 18C, but I suppose being in the middle of the Atlantic you get the wind and everything coming across,’ said Mr Parkes.

‘It looks like Guernsey has similar problems as the mainland with shops closing down in the areas up the hill, but we have been very impressed with the flower displays around, everyone has been very friendly and prices seem reasonable. Accommodation was a little more expensive but everything else has been reasonably priced.’

On Monday the island experienced 18.3mm of rainfall, when the average for the day is just 1.7mm.

Visit Guernsey has recently reacted to heat waves across the UK with a digital campaign encouraging people to ‘cool off’ in the Islands of Guernsey this summer. These ads have gone live across cities in England, targeting airport departure points.