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Should we be worried that technology will actually change our world for the worse – are the ’bots really going to take all the best jobs?

Duncan Tait, Fujitsu senior executive.

Duncan Tait, senior executive, vice-president, head of Americas, Europe, Middle East, India and Africa, Fujitsu replies:

IN LAST WEEK’S edition I introduced the concept of a digital future for Guernsey, citing some examples where Fujitsu is already implementing exciting technologies to empower people and connect communities. This week, we will examine the rise of automation, and consider its implications for people and businesses.

Technology is already helping businesses to become more efficient, by automating many of the routine tasks in everyday jobs. There is much talk of ‘artificial intelligence’ and of technologies such as robotic process automation, creating a perception that ’bots will take over jobs, leaving us with unemployment and a skills gap. This is absolutely not the case. This technology has the potential to help organisations of all kinds to identify manual, repetitive tasks that do not add value, automate them to create efficiencies, and actually liberate people to take on more fulfilling roles.

With our smartest, most skilled people available to focus on innovation, we could be on the cusp of a new era of entrepreneurship that will fuel Guernsey’s economy.

Technologies such as artificial intelligence have the potential to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. For example, Slingeland Hospital in the Netherlands collaborated with Fujitsu to use AI and sensing technology to create a ‘sensing clinic’, enabling better informed decisions and early detection of any deterioration of a patient’s condition.

As a global company, Fujitsu wants to bring the best technologies to Guernsey, from our experience of implementing them around the world. We believe this will allow Guernsey to unlock a world of opportunity – today, tomorrow and beyond. We have been delivering technology solutions for over 20 years in the States of Guernsey alongside our local partner, Sigma, and we look forward to creating a digital future for the island.


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