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I AM buying a new house but I don’t like the name – do I need to change the house name in the conveyancing court?

Advocate Alastair Hargreaves.

Advocate Alastair Hargreaves, partner at Ferbrache & Farrell replies:

THIS is one of the most frequent questions that we, as a conveyancing team, are asked. There is something deeply personal about the naming of a property and there are instances when a potential buyer does not necessarily like the name of the property that they are proposing to call their home. Very often the property name has a direct connection or link to the person who lives there at the time and this is not necessarily the case for future purchasers.

While there might be a perception that the name of the property must be changed in the Royal Court and, more particularly, in the conveyance, this is not actually the case. In fact, a property name can be changed at any time. It certainly does not have to be contained within the conveyance, although if the new name of the home is known at the time of completion, then it is helpful to include it within the conveyance.

Therefore, as long as you inform the authorities, such as utility companies, banks and any public body that holds the address of the property, you can change the name of your home whenever you like.

There is no specific legal process for this, nor any fees payable, and it is simply a case of adjusting public records.

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