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‘Guernsey should be seen as an example to other communities’

GUERNSEY has a lot to be proud about and should be seen as an example to other communities, broadcaster and journalist Sir Trevor Phillips told a local audience.

Lord Digby Jones, left, pictured with Sir Trevor Phillips who was guest speaker at a Gpeg lunch. (Picture by Sophie Rabey, 31917800)

Sir Trevor, who also chaired the UK’s Equality and Human Rights Commission, was in the island as a guest of Gpeg and spoke at a lunch which included members of the lobby group and deputies.

He also spoke to sixth formers on a visit to Blanchelande College.

‘Sir Trevor is passionate about countering prejudice wherever and whenever it raises its ugly head, a mission that GPEG shares,’ said Gpeg chairman Lord Digby Jones. They served together on the commission and became friends.

‘Sir Trevor’s time at the commission broke new ground and I was very fortunate as a rookie in the execution of public policy to watch a master of his craft at work.

‘We have often bounced ideas and issues off each other over the ensuing decades.

‘For Sir Trevor, stereotyping has no place in our language, as he regularly demonstrates on his Sky TV News show and in print.’

Sir Trevor waived a fee for his visit and instead Gpeg made a donation to his selected charity, the Global Censorship Index.

‘In his speech, Sir Trevor observed that islands tend to create more cohesive societies.

‘There are almost always immigrants on islands with new ideas and customs, and island communities must be open-minded,’ said Lord Digby.

‘But he warned that the world is changing, and quickly.

‘Old jobs and old traditions are for yesterday. New work and sectors are replacing them and there is no place for unskilled people.’

Lord Digby said that Sir Trevor also recognised Guernsey’s ‘particular values’ to be cherished.

‘It may be a little old-fashioned and conservative with a small “c”, but in such a tumultuous and fast-changing world with so many uncertainties that is no bad thing.

‘Sir Trevor said that the feeling of community is strong, indeed palpable. Courtesy and good manners clearly matter.

‘Guernsey has so much to be proud of and it stands out as an example for other societies across the globe.’