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Pride of Guernsey: Claire Lesbirel

CLAIRE LESBIREL has been put forward for the Grandparent/s of the Year award, sponsored by the Channel Islands Co-Operative Society.


Daughter Megan Winter nominated her for ‘just being the best grandparent, always playing with them, always looking after them if needed’.

‘Not only being the best grandparent and always caring for them but also for us and our every need. Always looking out for us and helping us with life.

‘Overall just being a superb parent and grandparent, especially when life can be tough for them too.’

Mrs Lesbirel said she loves being a nanny and is proud of her grandchildren.

‘I am always at hand, ready to help out whenever I can or I’m needed.

‘I love being a nanny, I’m very proud of my grandchildren – I just love sending time with them both and I make sure that I see them every day. Thank you so much to my daughter and son-in-law for giving me the most beautiful grandchildren.

‘My heart is full and I am so very proud.’

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